Coinex exchange

coinex exchange

Coinex exchange

In this article, we are going to read about CoinEx exchange and learn more about its features and benefits. This exchange is in fact a platform for cryptocurrencies. This exchange has been based in China since its first year of operation. . meaning of the years of operation is that this exchange was established and launched in the year two thousand and seventeen. One of the reasons for the rapid popularity of this exchange in the world is that this exchange has a wide range of currency codes, and this feature has made it possible for users to trade with them in this operating system. Read more We will learn more about this exchange and its features. Note, however, that Cryptos will be traded for encrypted currencies BCH, BTC, ETH, and USDT.

Familiarity with cryptocurrency coinex

After this exchange was launched and was used and welcomed by users all over the world, over time, this exchange also launched its own cryptocurrency. This created the ground that it is possible to benefit from It traded easily in large transactions within the operating system. Today, with the expansion of the Internet and more familiarity of users with the world of digital currencies and cryptocurrency transactions, this exchange continues to operate strongly. The exchange is still active and plans to build and create a decentralized cryptocurrency, provided by CoinEx Token, also known as CET for short. This platform has been able to be very popular because it is based on the needs of users. In addition to taking into account the needs of users in its performance, it also has one of the simplest functions, and it is easy to work with. Even a novice can start their own business without the need to learn from others. Now that we are somewhat familiar with this exchange, it is better to talk about some of its advantages. You probably do not know.

What are the benefits of coinex exchange?

One of its first advantages is that it has a wide variety of cryptocurrencies to trade. Note that the coinex exchange has been able to purchase a wide variety of cryptocurrencies, which can include tokens or coins. And provide sales to users. Of course, we mentioned earlier that these currencies are traded against native and major currencies in the operating system. The exchange also supports Bitcoin Bitcoin cash (BCH), Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum (ETH), Atrium, and Tether (USDT) bitcoins. It is a very efficient business and is one of the main advantages of coinex exchange.

The second advantage of coinex exchange is that the transaction cost is low. Note that CoinEx exchange has a lower fee than other digital currency exchanges and only one percent of the transaction fee of market traders is called Fees will be deducted. Of course, there may be situations where these exchanges do not charge a fee. This is usually the case among market makers. Market makers, such as a trader who is committed, always refer to trade and sales at specified prices that do not pay for transactions.

Another advantage of this exchange is its high security.

Naturally, in the field of digital currencies, users consider this exchange as a safe and reliable exchange. In fact, part of this security is because CoinEx exchange operates a “Full Dimension Protection” security system. And those who are more familiar with this field than others know that this platform is composed of different parts, the set of which is used to provide security aspects of the operating system. So if you are wondering whether buying and selling and trading in this platform have the necessary security or not.

We must say that you can be sure that all transactions in the field of payment, equations, and sales made in the operating system are very secure, and no other user will be able to find out about them. We also said that one of the advantages of this platform is that it is very easy to use and you can easily make your desired exchanges from tools such as Advance Charting. Working with tools to analyze transactions is very easy for people. And traders have the opportunity to use a variety of tools, of course, all these actions can be done with just a few simple clicks. Due to the ease of working with this exchange for beginners who are new to Getting into trading and buying and selling currencies is an easy platform.

Now an important question that can involve many people is how can we be part of the transaction and register? Registering as a user who works in this exchange for transactions is not a difficult task and All you have to do is have an active email address to be verified in the first step. Once you have registered and your user account has been registered, you will need to verify your accounts in the next step. Of course, for better security of your account, do not rely only on your email because there may be a problem with your email, so it is better to have Google Authenticator and your mobile number connected for this higher security. Next, we want to address the issue of how popular is the coinex exchange among Iranians? Do Iranians, like other countries, have a high level of use of this exchange or not?

We have to say that yes, considering the features and advantages that we mentioned earlier about this exchange, one of the most important ones was that this exchange has an easy user interface, and this is one of the most important reasons why this Exchange has become very popular among Iranians and in the last few years we have reached a higher rate of its use.

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article and in the introduction of coinex exchange, the company of this exchange is located in Hong Kong. It can be considered a subset of via BTC. One of the main reasons why this exchange is widely used and popular is that this exchange has been associated with block chain and bitcoin cash for cryptography, and this issue has caused many people around the world to be able to In some cases, it may be a question for Iranian users that they may have problems to use the services of this filter or not? Generally, it is recommended that Iranian users with non-Iranian IP use the services of this exchange.

Another thing that makes Coinex one of the exchanges that are used today due to its security and practicality all over the world is that this exchange, using a proprietary trading system and providing It helps users to have stable and secure transactions. Of course, this exchange office has actually made this issue its motto since the early years of its establishment and always puts it on the agenda.

As we mentioned before, you need to register in this exchange to start working in this exchange. Once the registration is done, you need to do a two-step activation and actually verify your account. Note if you are a beginner and are new to the trading and trading market. Log in to this exchange. Before starting to work with this exchange, you must learn various information, from setting up a personal account to the costs related to transactions. In the following, we want to know how to register in this exchange?

How to register at coinex exchange?

To register your name and enter this platform, first enter the exchange site and then you will see the part related to the membership form. In the membership form section of the coinex site, you must enter the information requested from you accurately and correctly. Kurds. Once you have entered the site and entered the information you requested, then you can start two-step activation. As you know, two-step activation is useful because users are in the context of virtual activities. They can rest assured of the security of that platform and no longer have to worry about their information being publicized or exposed. Therefore, after activating the two-step activation, conditions will arise from the easy and insecure access of others to your account. Prevention takes place. The work process is created in such a way that it is practically impossible to log in to your personal account in this exchange without your mobile phone.

In the next step, after you have registered despite all the security aspects, it is time to enter the currency in coinex. One of the positive features of this exchange is that users have the opportunity to buy and sell 60 types of currencies and make transactions. Now, how should we act for the currencies that we have? To enter the currencies that you have, it is necessary Is to act with the help of a wallet or wallet page. Do not think that entering currencies in the wallet section is difficult and requires complicated steps. No. It is not difficult to enter currencies in this section. To do this, just select depostit and then copy the currency address in it.

Of course, note that each currency has a separate address. One of the most important points and parts of working with this exchange is that you must enter the virtual amount that is intended for the currency. Note that if you deposit a suitable amount for each currency, you will also be able to withdraw freely. Had. For example, if you have entered the Atrium currency and the amount of currency you entered is less than 0.01, you can not withdraw it and you will not even be able to retrieve it. Therefore, note that whatever amount of currency It is better to enter more. Therefore, for these two important reasons, be sure to consider the maximum amount and do not enter less than that amount. There may be a pause after you enter the currency, so it takes a few minutes for the transfer to take place. Finally, by following the steps mentioned above, your transaction will be confirmed and the desired currency will be placed in the coinex exchange account. Here’s how to put one together for use with your coinex exchange:

How to trade in coinex exchange?

To trade in coinex, you first need to select the Exchange menu. After selecting this option, a page will be displayed on which a chart related to the currency pair price that will be traded will appear. After viewing the currency pairs, you can finally move to the trading page by clicking on any of the currencies you have in mind. If you pay a little more attention to the content of the page, you can easily see that there is a section on the right where there is a list of buy and sell orders.

At this stage, you can do this from the bottom of the chart to make a sale. At coinex exchange, the order is open to users so that you can do your order in three ways. These three types also include Limit, Market, stop-limit. In case of limited orders or the same Limit order, you will be able to buy and sell by entering the price field and the amount you want. After you have completed the steps, your order will be registered and processed if there is an order with an equal price and a reasonable amount.

What are the other features and benefits of coinex exchange?

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article about the advantages of this exchange, we stated that many people around the world, including Iranians, are very interested in using this platform and the per capita consumption of this platform in Iran during this year So there are a large number of users who trade within the coinex exchange. Among the features of the easy user interface that we mentioned, as well as the possibility of working with it by people who have just entered this space (beginners), many other advantages can be introduced as follows: In addition Easy registration and low transaction costs and transparent structure for users. This exchange has a free deposit and no need to pay. In addition, the existence of mobile phones that are available to everyone today can be used easily and without hassle.

Another advantage of this exchange, which is very significant, is that this site does not place any geographical restrictions on its operation. And it is available to all users internationally and in different countries of the world. Many users from Iran may wonder whether the sanctions imposed on Iran can affect it or not. In fact, no. The international sanctions imposed on Iranians are not followed by this site. And this issue has been able to attract a large percentage of users to use this exchange around the world. Therefore, Iranian users can use this exchange and its benefits with ease and without worries, and without restrictions from closing or blocking their account or losing their capital.

Another feature that is one of the most important is that this exchange provides you with the possibility of liquidity, which means that capital for easy buying and selling without going on the general price. It has an effect that can be achieved by users. Practically using this feature, you can easily and effortlessly convert your capital into money and cash capital, and this is a great advantage for this exchange. In the following, we are going to address the issue of what orders can be done in coinex exchange?

Orders can be placed in coinex exchange

In fact, different types of orders can be done in this exchange. For example, in the Currency Order section or the Market order section, you can enter the amount of currency you want based on the amount you want so that your orders to buy currency are based on the market price. The ordering process on the platform is such that after registering your order, you can exchange with the first order in the shopping list.

As mentioned, there are different types of foreign exchange orders. In the second type of stop-limit order, as its name implies, it needs to be more limited and act conditionally. In the conditional type of transactions, the work process is such that in fact, based on determining the condition and considering a specific price for a currency, you have the possibility to determine a price and volume yourself, and after the terms of the transaction are met, it Does. Now some users are confused in choosing this type of order with other types of it, which one can be better? Note that this is more harmful to users than the other two. Therefore, it is usually recommended that you minimize its use. Here we want to know that:

How to get digital currency out of coinex exchange?

Do you know what needs to be done to get digital currency out of the coinex exchange? This is not difficult to do and can be done easily. In fact, you only need to select the withdraw option from the wallet section to exit this currency. Then you have to enter the address of your wallet along with the amount of currency you want to withdraw from it so that the withdrawal can be done easily. Is the withdrawal fee for transferring currency free? No, note that this site is for transferring digital currency. Impressions are gained in a fluid, global, diffused way.

This fee will be received for withdrawing currency, but it should be noted that no fee will be charged to users for importing currency. Now we want to know what steps should be taken to reduce this fee, if you want to reduce this fee, you need to buy the token of this exchange. How much about the token of this exchange Do you have information?

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, the token of this exchange is called CET and it can be said that it is the local currency of this exchange. Purchasing this token can help you pay a lower percentage of commission. So if you buy this You can only transfer and withdraw your desired currency with a 0.05% commission. It is better to get acquainted with this token a little more.

You may not know it, but the interesting thing is that CET tokens are only traded at the coinex exchange. And of course, it is better to know that the lowest transaction fee belongs to this site. Therefore, the existence of this advantage has caused it to attract many users. Of course, when it comes to commissions, do not assume that this is limited to a fixed and specific number. Note that the fees for withdrawing currency on this site depend on its type and are equally different. So it does not depend only on a fixed and specific digit.

Information about the coinex exchange that you probably did not know.

There are several facts you need to know about coinex exchange training and how to take action with them. Naturally, among the things we will read about comprehensive information about this exchange is the reason for its popularity. Iranians are also identified.

If you want to trade in this exchange, you should know that the exchanges in this exchange are very wide and this issue will help you to have your hands free to do transactions. Of course, we mentioned at the beginning of this article that in this exchange, users have the opportunity to trade encrypted digital currencies such as Atrium, Tetra, Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash.

Also, working with this platform is not difficult at all, and beginners can easily use it, and at the same time it is safe and easy, and in fact, to establish this security, several protocols have been used, including two-step verification. Which is used in this exchange is completely done under the title of “protection in all dimensions”. Therefore, as mentioned, users act with ease in their retail, sales, and transactions.

If you remember, we talked earlier about the fact that Iranians do not have any restrictions on the use of the exchange, and this exchange does not adhere to US sanctions against Iran, but for what reason? What is the reason for this exchange to offer its services to users globally? In fact, it can be said that this exchange does not have a special branch in the United States, and for this reason, the imposed sanctions have been ignored and Iranians do not have a problem trading on this site. For this reason, according to the information available on the Alexa site, many of the users of this site are Iranians.

Another feature of this exchange that has made it popular not only among Iranians but also users around the world is its payment method. What is the payment method in this exchange? In fact, the appropriate coinex payment method can be considered as a model of Binance and Poloniex, because it is actually a safe payment method.

As mentioned earlier, if you want to start and execute a transaction, you must first deposit your desired digital currencies separately, because coinex exchange allows you to invest in Fiat currencies. It does not make it available to its users. Therefore, people have to apply for deposits through another platform and can not use credit cards such as MasterCard. If you remember, we said earlier that you can receive rewards by introducing your friends to this exchange and the process The fact is that you can actually get a CET token by referring other people. There are many benefits to receiving this token, including a reduction in commission rates.

Another major advantage of this platform is that the possibility of receiving digital currency through the people’s vote increases the confidence of many people to do transactions and the tendency to this exchange. So far, this section is about the features and advantages of this platform we read about. In the following, we intend to introduce the disadvantages of working with this exchange.

What are the disadvantages of coinex exchange?

Like other exchanges in the field of digital currencies, coinex exchange, although it can be very useful and have a high advantage, this site also has three main disadvantages that you need to know before taking any action. The first major complaint is that a fee or commission is charged for withdrawing currency from your e-wallet; Then the second thing that is one of the disadvantages of this platform is that it is not possible to support Fiat currencies in its structure, and the next case is that you have a certain amount to deposit or withdraw from your wallet. In fact, this is one of its drawbacks and is naturally not pleasant for many users. Of course, these disadvantages that we have mentioned for this exchange can not be ignored, many advantages that it has. Attract users.

Despite all the points that we have said about this exchange, and at the same time, knowing the advantages and disadvantages of this exchange, it is suggested that if you are new to the field of digital currencies and buying and sinking exchanges, and If you want to choose a secure exchange, start working with the coinex exchange. Because, as mentioned at the beginning of this article, this exchange, despite the conditions such as user-friendly interface and easy use for those who are more beginners, In general, allows users to withdraw easily and at the lowest cost.


Can we use this exchange with a mobile phone?

We have to say yes, you can use the mobile version of coinex exchange for your transactions. An application that is related to this exchange and at the same time has a high level of security in the App Store or Google Play is active and accessible for both Android and iOS operating systems, and you can easily install them. Pay. As a result, for those who do not have a laptop or computer, the use and efficiency of this application will be more efficient for transactions.

Does this exchange have a progressing path or has it always maintained its constant and permanent performance?

Yes, naturally coinex exchange, considering that it has had many users in recent years and is known today as a safe and secure exchange, can not go through a constant and permanent process and is constantly updated and said. It can be said that this exchange is developing and will provide better facilities and conditions for its users in the future.

This exchange is always trying to eliminate its weaknesses and to have a proper and significant performance to reduce the difficulties of traders, which in practice can not ignore the significant progress it has made over the past few years. Coinex exchange training is easy and you can easily learn to work with it in just a short time.

Coinex exchange wallet

You also have a wallet at coinex that you can use to store your digital currency. To transfer the currencies you want to store in your wallet, you can look at the list of some important currencies on the main page of this exchange. After selecting each of them, you must use the go trade option, which is located at the bottom of the column section that is related to the currency you want.

As a summary of what we have said so far about the coinex exchange and the features, advantages and disadvantages that we have mentioned, as a summary of the content, we must say that if you intend to invest in this exchange in the long run or short term, it is definitely a good choice. You just need to have information about this space before entering it and doing transactions. Note that choosing this exchange is beneficial for those who intend to invest and allows you to trade with the field. Learn more about cryptocurrency. It is interesting that for those who are amateurs and have just entered the field of digital currencies, this exchange is much more popular, while for many people who have more experience in this field, coinex may not attract at all. Not to be.

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