Nem currency

Nem currency

Nem currency

Nem currency – Today, due to increasing population and increasing need for communication and the use of science and technology, humans are trying to show the world new things in various sciences, including economics. One of these is digital currencies, which have revolutionized the world economy since its inception, and humans have realized that they can use the Internet to provide appropriate services online. They can buy and sell and exchange online, and they can also make a lucrative investment despite having a large number of users from all over the world. One of the digital currencies that we are going to talk about is digital currency. What is Nam? What is Nam? we will pay.

Nem currency

This digital currency is in the list of valid digital currencies and is ranked 18th in the market with the abbreviation XEM. Of course, this currency is also a kind of digital capital. In fact, Nam Chin block is special and unique, which has created ideal facilities and features for users. This network is proprietary and is not an imitation or modified type of another Chinese block, and therefore according to the performance. It has become globally self-contained and is also known as an economic movement. In fact, the purpose of the NAM network was to become a tool for exchanges that are common in the world, and it can also be Has the ability to place projects in other Chinese blocks on this Chinese block. XEM is the digital currency of this Chinese block. The Nam project was launched in 2015 by a team currently based in Singapore.

Hrost and Harvester in the wet network

Nem currency – You are probably familiar with two words called Harvest and Harvester in expressing the discussion of this network. In fact, in expressing the discussion in this network, I must say that Nam does not have a concept called extraction in its algorithm and they use these two concepts. In fact, in a wet network, transaction approval is called Harvest, which also means reaping. In bitcoin, this is also called mining.

What are the features of a wet network?

And now each digital currency has several capabilities depending on its algorithm and performance. In the discussion that Nem currency is one of the most important features of this network is high speed and also the existence of low fees in transactions. What is? And what are the advantages and features? It should be noted that in fact, when it comes to the speed of this platform, it is that the confirmation of transactions in this network takes only twenty seconds. It is also possible to approx. Perform three thousand transactions per second and this is one of the special features of a platform. In fact, as you know, the low fee in this network has led to today as a network of digital currency that has the lowest fee. Be identified and its fee is about 0.01% per transaction. In addition, the high transparency that exists in the transaction is another feature.

Another feature that we need to mention for this network is that in this network (NEM) there is the ability to send messages in any sent transaction. These messages can be in different types, including that they can be security or encrypted or normal. One of the interesting points in this advantage is that without any cost They can be sent to existing addresses and also have the ability to be used in applications that also operate in this blockchain.

Nem currency

Block China Nem

Continuing the discussion, what is Nem currency? Regarding the China block of this network, it should be mentioned that this network consists of two separate Chinese blocks. And now why two separate Chinese blocks have been used? In fact, one of them is for public use. It means being public means that users have the opportunity to carry out their financial activities and carry out their transactions. And the other blockchain is for use in large companies. In fact, large companies that use this blockchain have the opportunity to conduct their private transactions in a way that is secure and its contents are accessible to other people. There is no access to be done. Also, various processes as well as transactions can be performed in secret.

Damp currency wallets

Nem currency – In fact, since the launch of digital currencies, at the same time, wallets have been offered digitally in three types of desktops, Macs and Linux, as well as mobile phones in both Android and iOS systems, and users can store and maintain currency. Take advantage of them. In addition to being officially available on the website of each currency, these digital wallets are also available informally, which is recommended to use the official version in order to be more secure. To store and maintain the currency You can also use the recommended wallets such as NEM Desktop Client, Trezor Wallet, Exodus, NEM Mobile Wallet. Pay one thousand and twenty

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